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July 1, 2012

What a great week in St. Louis.  If you weren’t there – well the education content was amazing!  You really did miss out.  For many of our RMATA family however the week has been focused on homes and family.  The fires in all states of District 7 have been burning and many of our athletic training family have been greatly affected.  With fires burning in all states in RMATA I would ask that your prayers and thoughts be with those affected.  Keep them ever present…

What a great event on Thursday as three of our members were showcased by receiving NATA Honors and Awards.  Congratulate them when you see them.

Matt Webber (Arizona) was honored by being inducted into the NATA Hall of Fame.
George Curtis (Utah) was honored with the NATA Most Distinguished Award.                                        
Tamara Valovich-McLoed (Arizona) was honored with the NATA Service Award.

Please make every effort to nominate your associates with NATA and RMATA awards.  I KNOW there are more than three athletic trainers in District 7 deserving of awards.

Our members also received three scholarships through the NATA Foundation - Congratulations to:

Lindsey Shepard , AT Still Univ., on receiving the Warren Lee Scholarship and Daisuke Yamada, AT Still Univ., on receiving the Gary Delforge Scholarship, and finally to Brent Smith , AT Still Univ., on receiving the NATA Foundation Doctoral Scholarship.

Marje Albolhm concluded her term of service as NATA’s President on Thursday.  At that time Jim Thornton who was elected last year stepped in and set our course.  President Thornton is an Alumnus of Utah State University and holds District 7 and RMATA dearly in his heart. 

What a great opportunity to hear from one of our leaders when Dale Mildenberger, Utah State University, delivered a thoughtful and inspiring address at the NATAPAC breakfast.  Service and community involvement were the theme.

When the NATA events concluded Saturday I took the chance to reflect on my first term as your District Director.  Two years has gone by so fast.  A quick rundown of the State of the NATA follows.

Secondary Schools: Look for an emphasis on the Secondary Schools.  President Thornton has stated that his #1 focus will be on increasing the number of schools and students that are provided appropriate care by athletic trainers.

In order to know our successes we must first know where we are at.  Over the next few months each state will be surveyed by NATA and the Korey Stringer Institute.    We will identify in each state how many schools have access to, and the extent of the care provided to our students.

Once we have a valid count of our market penetration, we will roll out initiatives to open more schools and improve the care at schools that currently have an athletic trainer. 

In addition to having more schools with an AT, emphasis will also be placed on improving care.  In fact, providing appropriate care to each and every student-athlete will share top priority with increasing job opportunities.  Without this improved level of care, we will not be able to increase jobs and open more schools.  Professionalism is vital as we move forward.

 Vision Quest will also shepherd us into the next decade and become the profession of the future.  Research, legislation, education, and practice settings are all moving right along with goals established by leaders in each area. 

Some of the achievements of Vision Quest so far include a statement recommending that any school sponsoring athletics should have the services of a full-time athletic trainer to provide appropriate care to those participating.

A Value Model outlining the value of an athletic trainer in the College/University setting will soon become available.  Value Models for other settings are in the works and will follow soon.  These models will allow the athletic trainer to quantify their value to their patients and employers.

Each state’s practice act has been evaluated for strengths and weaknesses.  This evaluation will be shared with state leadership as revisions to the specific state practice act are started by each state.

We are currently sponsoring research to assist us in promoting the profession in a manner consistent with state and federal reimbursement and legislative purposes.  To our District 7 researchers, be looking for RFP’s soon so we can embark on these important projects.

Nomenclature:  the NATA Board of Directors has begun the process of investigating the name of the profession.  We spent the week at NATA in St. Louis gathering information from our leaders and committees.  Over the next month we’ll be consulting with a expert in naming of professions.  Much was gained and learned.  After all of the information has been reviewed, we will be surveying the membership and listening to your thoughts and ideas on the matter.  At this time no decision has been made regarding this matter.  Your input will be highly valued as we move forward.

Our membership must also know that there are consequences for each decision we make.  There are consequences for standing with our current name, and there will be consequences for changing as well.  We will do our best to outline these consequences when we ask for your input.

Education: The Executive Committee for Education submitted a recommendation for changes to the Board of Directors in May.  Many of the recommendations were accepted in May.  More of the recommendations were approved after revisions at our meetings in St. Louis.  These can all be found in the approved minutes of the Board of Directors which are located on the website.  Log in to the member side to see the recommendations.

Again, I am honored to represent you and look forward to the hearing from you.  Please feel free to contact me with your ideas and comments as we move forward.

February 2, 2012

It's been too long since I've updated this page and do apologize.  Like all of you I've been busy.  Like you I have a full-time job.  Like you, my profession is my passion.  Sadly, my employer sometimes thinks that my passion should be their priorities instead of your priorities.  With that being said, if you know a colleague who volunteers at the local, state, District, or National level take the time to thank  them for what they do.  Too many times their work goes unthanked.

The NATA finalized Vision Quest in June at the NATA meeting in New Orleans.  Since that time so many people have worked very hard to progress the profession in the areas addressed by Vision Quest and where we are working to take the profession.  Many of these individuals are from District 7 and I am very grateful to everyone who has helped to this point and those who will in the future.

There were many goals formulated through Vision Quest.  These goals focused on four main areas as outlined in my June 26, 2011 below.  I am extremely excited to tell you that some of these goals have already been achieved!  Our successes will be celebrated as we continue to work and focus on other areas.  

With our successes we've had many challenges as well.  Some goals prove elusive and difficult.  I will reinforce that nothing that comes easily is worth having!  With that being said, we continue to work towards our goals.  

I am sure that you are wondering what goals are completed and which we have left.  The list is too long for this blog so I'll leave it to the NATA News, @NATA1950 twitter account, and the many communication vehicles employed by NATA.  I would encourage you to follow @RMATANews and @NATA1950 if you are a twitter user.  Follow us and we'll fill you in almost instantly as news occurs.

One of the most important developments over the last six months is the approval and publication of a new Position Statement on Sudden Death in Sports and Athletics.  I cannot urge you enough to read and understand all of the recommendations of the statement. There are many significant changes to how we as athletic trainers practice our craft.  In my personal practice, I identified a minimum of 40 specific areas that I will have to change at Palo Verde High Magnet School in order to stay current.   If you don't know what it says, please take the time to learn!

I also urge you to watch, listen, and learn the practical steps of applying the recommendations to your practice.  The February issue of NATA News will contain some insightful information regarding the Sudden Death Position Statement.  

We have had some great successes with our Public Relations efforts. I would like to thank the NATA PR staff and our NATA and District 7 PR committee's.  The PBS Frontline show that was published during the fall was an excellent validation of the profession and the need to provide quality athletic health care in the secondary schools.  Just this last weekend there was another major lift to our profession when CNN produced "Big Hits, Broken Dreams".  Do what you can to watch both of these productions.  Our thanks goes out to the producers of both.

Finally, I would like to invite you to investigate the opportunities around you to volunteer. Volunteer with local political candidates, local service organizations, local-state-district-national athletic training associations, anywhere you can find to serve - DO IT!  It is an experience that will provide great satisfaction to you, and to those you serve.

I would like to thank you for the opportunity I have to serve you.  Please to not hesitate to call or email if you have comments or concerns.  I'm happy to speak with you.

Your's in Athletic Training


June 26, 2011

Having just returned from a very busy week in New Orleans I'd like to tell you just how much I enjoyed seeing and meeting with you all.

An incredibly busy week gave me plenty to come home and focus on.  Vision Quest will direct the profession and consume energy and time as we move the profession forward.  There will be four Work Groups or teams dealing with the four main areas of focus found by the initial Vision Quest work.

Each work group will be chaired by a member of the Board of Directors.  Members of the work group will also consist of a representative of our strategic partners (BOC, CAATE, and the NATA Foundation).  Finally, we will have content experts on each work group that will provide the expert help in specific areas that we need.

Each focus area has been divided up and goals with priorities and timelines established.  Each work group will be able to refine this process even more as they move forward. 

Finally, the Vision Quest process will be lead by the NATA Vice President, Director Scott Sailor of District 8.  VP Sailor will be excellent at providing direction and focus as we move forward.

September will prove exciting for NATA as we elect a new President to take over in St Louis next June.  The NATA Presidential Nominating Committee met in New Orleans and selected Jim Thornton (District 2) and Terry Noonan (District 5) as the candidates.  Both will bring strengths and provide excellent leadership to the NATA.

Finally, we have a number of volunteer service opportunities coming up in many committees.  Please check the volunteer page in the coming months to see if you have any interests in these openings.

I would like to thank the many members who have served NATA in the past year on committee's and other capacities. It is through this service that our profession becomes stronger.

Thanks for allowing me to serve you!  It is my pleasure to work in your behalf.





May 29, 2011

I'm back for another update.  The next couple weeks leading up to the NATA Annual Meeting in New Orleans will be fast and furious with much preparation for the week of activities. 

I would encourage you to contact me if you have an issue that you'd like me to know about. 

At this time, I believe that we are going in the right direction.  For years we have put a great deal of emphasis on the Secondary School setting.  I believe that you'll see even more emphasis in the coming years.  Much of this activity may or may not be readily visible unless you are looking for it. 

One thing that I recently discovered while meeting with some athletic trainers.  We, as athletic trainers, do not realize how much the NATA is doing or has done in many areas to promote the profession.  For instance, did you know that the NATA has a document to help you propose a position at a high school that does not already have an athletic trainer?  There is also a document to assist you in changing or improving your current position as an athletic trainer at a high school.  Finally, did you know that there is a published document outlining appropriate levels of care for the secondary school setting?

I bring this up because in discussions with decision makers within the profession and out, it was suggested that the NATA develop these types of documents.  This is extremely interesting to me because if key decision makers don't know these documents exist, then I am sure that the everyday member probably doesn't know about them.  I am going to put them in a link below to assist you if you'd like to use one or all of them.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at the district meeting in New Orleans.  Check back for a reminder on it's time and location in New Orleans.





April 3, 2011

I'm very excited to see everyone this weekend in Albuquerque!  There is so much to share will you all about the NATA and our direction.

Would you please join me Saturday morning at 8 am for the NATA update?  Some of the items I'll be covering include: (in no particular order)

  • Vision Quest Update
  • A proposed NATA Bylaws Change (we will be taking a membership vote on this item - it is very important for you to be there.)
  • Educational Competencies
  • BOC Items
  • NATA Public Relations achievements
  • NATA Presidential Elections update
  • NATA Financial Update
  • NATA Membership Update

Please join me at the NATA update 8 am Saturday April 9, 2011.

April 3, 2011

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