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Eligibility Requirements

Distinguished Athletic Trainer Award Criteria

Hall of Fame Criteria

Scholarship Criteria (NATA)

Nomination Form

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  • Nominate RMATA members for all awards by using the nomination form (Fillable PDF).  Use a new form for each award nomination. 
  • Fill in the form completely.
  • Submit the form by pressing the button to the left of each award. This will open your email program, insert the proper address, and attach the completed form. 
  • Attach any additional documents to your email as needed.

For RMATA scholarships:

All RMATA scholarships follow the NATA Foundation scholarship application process and procedures. Visit the
Foundation at: http://www.natafoundation.org/ and click the Scholarship Program Tab.  Applying through the NATA
Foundation means you have applied through the RMATA as long as you are a member of the RMATA. You are required
to be a member of NATA in the November prior to the scholarship application year.

The RMATA gives five named scholarships:

  • Dan Libera: Graduate
  • Dr. Earlene Durrant: Doctorate
  • L.F. Tow Diehm: Undergraduate
  • WY: William T Lyons: Undergraduate
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