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Any District Seven Member interested in filling a RMATA committee vacancy should contact RMATA President for more information.

Annual Clinical Symposium

The function of the Annual Clinical Symposium Committee is to provide our members with appropriate, current, and valuable continuing education units (CEU). (taken from the RMATA By-Laws/Policies and Procedures)


Student Symposium

Asst. Coordinator

Leadership Program


Leadership Program

Exhibit Hall

Program Chair

Athletic Training Student Committee

The Athletic Training Student Committee promotes student educational opportunities at the RMATA Annual Clinical Symposium in conjunction with the annual clinical symposium coordinator.  Students are involved in an annual Quiz Bowl, student activities while at the Annual Meeting, student socials, service opportunities, and community/school outreach activities.  This committee is designed to develop student involvement in leadership opportunities and introduce students to committee work or cooperative efforts between educational programs.

The Athletic Trainer Student Committee is comprised of a Chair, who may also serve as a faculty representative, one faculty representative and two student representatives from each of the accredited athletic training programs.  Representatives are chosen by their respective schools and all committee members must be members of the RMATA.


The Election Committee function is to conduct elections of officers in accordance with the By-Laws, policies and procedures of the Association. In doing so, this committee conducts all votes and tabulates results of all written ballot votes at meetings of the membership.  The President and Board are advised by the Election Committee in matters concerning elections. (taken from the RMATA By-Laws/Policies and Procedures)

Current members of the Committee are appointed by the President with the consent of the Board. Members are selected in election years only.



The finance committee functions under the direction of the District Secretary, District Treasurer, and a minimum of two current or past Board members.  This group oversees the financial conduct of the Association, advises the Board on financial matters, maintains contact with the Association's Financial Advisor, presents a budget proposal to the Board at the annual meeting, and submits to the membership the budget that has been approved by the Board. (taken from the RMATA By-Laws/Policies and Procedures)


Board Member


Financial Consultant

Association President

Business Consultant

Honors and Awards

The Honors and Awards Committee serve the RMATA in recommending to the Board the criteria and the recipients for all of the awards given by the Association.  They also advise the Board on matters pertaining to awards and present such awards to the recipients at the Annual Meeting.  There are four subcommittees: Educator Recognition, Hall of Fame, Scholarship, and Special Recognition. (taken from the RMATA By-Laws/Policies and Procedures)

Committee Chair - Dominic DiManna 


The function of the Educator Recognition Subcommittee is to give out the RMATA Distinguished Educator Award. The committee is comprised of a Chair, who may represent their home state and four other members from the remaining states of the Association.

Subcommittee Chair - Kevin Schroeder


The Hall of Fame Subcommittee is responsible for determining who shall be inducted into the RMATA Hall of Fame.  This subcommittee is comprised of no less than five voting members including a Chair and four other remaining members from each of the remaining states of the Association.  

Subcommittee Chair - Ron Meurer 


Five scholarships are presented from the Scholarship Subcommittee, including each level of education: the undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate levels.  This committee is also composed of a Chair and four members, one from each state. All RMATA scholarships utilize the NATA Foundation application process.  Begin the process at the NATA Foundation Scholarship page.

Subcommittee Chair - Andy Vanous


The RMATA Distinguished Athletic Trainer Award and the RMATA Athletic Trainer Service Award are awarded by the Special Recognition Subcommittee.  The committee consists of a Chair and four other members, one from each state.

Subcommittee Chair - JR Larsen 

Public Relations 

The Public Relations Committee acts as the connection and communication between each state's public relations committees. The committee's focus is on the implementation of meaningful, viable public relations activities within and outside the Association.  The Public Relations Committee also ensures that District items are submitted to national, regional, and state athletic training publications.  They advise the President and Board on matters pertaining to public relations and ensure positive, informed and ethical information is disseminated.  The website is also under the direction of the Public Relations Committee. The Public Relations Committee is comprised of a Chair, five members from the five member states, and possibly the News Coordinator and Website coordinator, if they are not currently representing a member state. (taken from the RMATA By-Laws/Policies and Procedures)

News Coordinator
The News Coordinator is appointed by the President, with the consent of the Board and serves a one year renewable term. This position helps the Association publish news and information including, but not limited to, summaries of the proceedings of previous meetings, notifications of Board and Membership meetings, information provided by Board Members and committee chairs. (taken from the RMATA By-Laws/Policies and Procedures)

Website Coordinator
The Website Coordinator position is appointed by the President, with the consent of the Board and is a one year renewable term.  The Website Coordinator maintains the Association website including contact information for Board members and committees, important Association documents, and items of interest to the members of the Association related to the profession of athletic training. (taken from the RMATA By-Laws/Policies and Procedures)






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