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The Honors and Awards Committee serve the RMATA in recommending to the Board the criteria and the recipients for all of the awards given by the Association.  They also advise the Board on matters pertaining to awards and present such awards to the recipients at the Annual Meeting.

There are four subcommittees: Educator Recognition, Hall of Fame, Scholarship, and Special Recognition.
(taken from the RMATA By-Laws/Policies and Procedures)

Committee Chair - Dominic DiManna

BOD Liaison -
Corey Oshikoya

Educator Recognition Subcommittee

The function of the Educator Recognition Subcommittee is to give out the RMATA Distinguished Educator Award. The committee is comprised of a Chair, who may represent their home state and four other members from the remaining states of the Association.

Subcommittee Chair - Roger Clark

Arizona - Debbie Craig

Colorado - Corey Oshikoya

New Mexico - TJ Fails

Utah - Carolyn Billings

Wyoming - Michael Moline

Hall of Fame Subcommittee

The Hall of Fame Subcommittee is responsible for determining who shall be inducted into the RMATA Hall of Fame.  This subcommittee is comprised of no less than five voting members including a Chair and four other remaining members from each of the remaining states of the Association. 

       Hall of Fame Selection Criteria

Subcommittee Chair - Ron Meurer

Arizona - FILLED

Colorado - FILLED

New Mexico - FILLED


Wyoming - FILLED

(taken from the RMATA By-Laws/Policies and Procedures)

Scholarship Subcommittee

Five scholarships are presented from the Scholarship Subcommittee, including each level of education: the undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate levels.  This committee is also composed of a Chair and four members, one from each state. All RMATA scholarships utilize the NATA Foundation application process.  Begin the process at the NATA Foundation Scholarship page.

Subcommittee Chair - Sheri Lampin

Arizona - Cherisse Kutyreff

Colorado - Nathanial Hepner

New Mexico - Missy Archibeck

Utah - Dustin Williams

Wyoming - Nancy Robertson

Special Recognition Subcommittee

The RMATA Distinguished Athletic Trainer Award and the RMATA Athletic Trainer Service Award are awarded by the Special Recognition Subcommittee.  The committee consists of a Chair and four other members, one from each state.

Distinguished Athletic Trainer Criteria

Subcommittee Chair - JR Larsen
                              email: jrlatc@gmail.com

Arizona - available

Colorado - Jason McWilliams

New Mexico - Kim O’Connell-Brock

Utah - Christine Linde

Wyoming - Emily Yorges

National Athletic Trainers' Association, District Seven

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